The Harley of Electric Bikes – Marrs M1

Now you don’t always see me posting about e-bikes here (mainly because I don’t like them haha) but this is one e-bike worthy of my blog!

The Marrs M1 wants to be known as the Harley of e-bikes and I believe they have every right to claim that name!

“The company was founded by Kacy Marrs, who has a background in riding a variety of both bicycles and motorcycles. His business partner, Brad Fanshaw, formerly ran a company that built one-of-a-kind hot rods.” (Pictured below is Kacy Marrs)

These bikes are built to order and specs differ from bike to bike depending on the customer’s requirements. The e-bike uses a rechargeable lithium battery that can (in one charge) carry a 79kg rider up to 32km without pedaling at all!

The top motorized speed is 32km/hr but in that photo above, it was apparently travelling at 48km/hr!

Each bike weighs approximately 64kg but the weight doesn’t really matter because riders don’t have to rely solely on their physical strength to propel these machines; and that’s the beauty of it because now “manufacturers have the freedom to explore designs that aren’t centered around keeping the weight down”.

“Frames are made from 4130 chromoly steel, while the components are a mixture of high-end motorcycle, bicycle, and custom-made parts.”

Expect to pay a minimum of USD$7,000 and upwards for these babies.


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