Street Bike Hong Kong

Original photos by Kaden Hoe


Bike Adventures!

Today I have a feature of a friend of mine who recently went for a special project in Siem Reap, Cambodia, under the Welfare Services Club of Nanyang Technological University.

The aim of the camp is to bring the hearing-impaired overseas to let them have this experience of overcoming challenging activities. (Great job guys!)

Anyway they incorporated cycling as part of the itinerary as they felt that that the difficult terrain and distance would be a challenging enough but achievable activity.

As you can see, there is a stark difference in the cycling terrain here as compared to when I cycled in Siem Reap (you can read about that other post here) so I bet it was a real challenging ride!

I hear that there were some mishaps with people falling off their bikes due to potholes and overall bumpiness but everyone completed the ride at the end; had fun; and enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

What a heartwarming biking experience =)

Thanks Wilfred for sharing your bike adventure!

Street Bike Tokyo (viii) – Bike Snaps

Here it is! The final post in this series of posts on Street Bike Tokyo! Well there isn’t really anything for me to say about these photos because they are just random shots of bikes I took off the street so I’m just going to let the pictures do the talking!

In Japan, you can trust to leave your Specialized out on the street and it won’t be stolen.

Another Specialized!

Taken at this great design incubator place in Harajuku called Design Festa Gallery where designers from all over Japan can rent a small space to display their artistic work and designs; and people from all over can come to admire or even show their support by making purchases! What awesome support for designers! I can imagine that this bike was probably a piece of work by some designer!

The ever so iconic and famous Tokyo Bike!

You can also leave your Cinelli out on the streets!

Another Tokyo Bike!