Would I Ride You? Yes I Wood. (iv)

For my loyal and dedicated readers, I’m sure you are aware of my fascination for bikes made of wood and today I present to you another bike that I wood ride!

It’s a bike that has been touted as what a bike would look like if Ikea made it. Designed by Dutch designer Jurgen Kuipers, the design of this bike made out of plywood has won an IBDC/IF Award 2013.

indibikes_blog_sawyer_wooden bike1 indibikes_blog_sawyer_wooden bike2 indibikes_blog_sawyer_wooden bike3 indibikes_blog_sawyer_wooden bike4 indibikes_blog_sawyer_wooden bike5 indibikes_blog_sawyer_wooden bike6 indibikes_blog_sawyer_wooden bike7 indibikes_blog_sawyer_wooden bike8

From the pictures you can see that it is constructed in the way that a model toy kit would come in. How novel!

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Photo Credit: gizmag


Even Trees Want To Cycle

indibikes_blog_bicycle swallowed by tree

Oh silly you I’m just kidding how can a tree ride a bike!

But okay in all seriousness, this 1950s era bicycle embedded into this tree has been a mystery for 50 years! Until the true story was uncovered by 99 year old Helen Puz from Washington. Apparently, her son, not too pleased with being given a girl’s bicycle to cycle with, decided to chuck it in the woods and claim it was lost. But as nature would have it, the bike is still in ‘usable’ condition with the front wheel still able to turn!

More About Me

I’ve been contemplating about writing this post for a while now because when I started indibikes, I wanted to remain anonymous. I received comments from friends that mentioned I should have a ‘About’ page as it helps my readers connect to me better; and so I did create one and true enough it did increase my viewership. The other reason why I wanted to remain anonymous was because I felt that it was too pompous or whatever to talk about myself!

BUT WAIT! Before I talk a little more about myself, I would like to apologize to all my dear readers and followers who still come visit even though I haven’t been updating for a while. You see I am a recent business school graduate and I have been running a small business since my university days. Upon graduation, I decided to take it to the next level and as such it has been keeping me very busy! If you have read my ‘About‘ page, I mentioned that ‘my ultimate ultimate end goal would be to create my own brand of bicycles with the brand iNDi Bikes!’. Now you must be wondering if the business I’m running now has anything to do with iNDi Bikes; and I’m afraid I will have to disappoint you because the answer is no. Nonetheless, I have been making inroads into starting a bicycle retail business – talking to suppliers and manufacturers, etc etc. I have contemplated utilizing this blog as a platform to kickstart my bicycle retail business dream and I think I very well might!

Anyway, more about myself now:.

1) As mentioned, I am a recent business school graduate from Singapore and I have a strong passion for entrepreneurship and bikes.

2) I used to cycle a lot more than I do now – competing in road cycling races and triathlons. However my athletic roots belong with long distance running and that’s what I do most of the time now. I am currently training for the Singapore Marathon that will take place at the end of the year. (Below is a picture of my very underused road bike)

3) I am currently running a small business retailing nail polish both online and offline in a physical store.

4) I love to eat fast food; but I am trying to cut down due to my athletic pursuits.

5) I started this blog because I realized I really liked looking/reading about bikes online and decided that this would be a good way for me to keep track of all the awesome stuff I see/observe online and offline

Well that’s about it for now and thanks for reading!