Wait WHAT?

Check out this Bianchi road bike with full disc Zipp wheels..wait..WHAT?


Bike Mobile

So I thought I’d take a short break from the Street Bike Tokyo posts and deviate a bit to this awesome concept bike which I hereby term as the ‘Bike Mobile’. Well but its official name is the Petal Velomobile by Eric Birkhauser.  Mr Birkhauser calls himself  a transit architect, an every day bicycle and rowing commuter, and a regenerative design advocate. Here are some images of his concept bike (badly photoshopped onto streets and sidewalks) to give you a rough idea of what it’s all about:

I think it’s totally awesome because this electric powered vehicle is like somewhat of a hybrid between a e-bike and a car and would serve to save the environment without compromising on the convenience and efficiency of a car.

Here’s a short description of the Petal Velomobile as given by Mr Birkhauser:

The Petal Velomobile is the beginning of the new iconic brand of ultra-lightweight and aerodynamic vehicles developed around a diverse amount of user preferences and personality types, to usher in a new era of human powered mobility.  We have focused on solving our problems with the same toolset for far too long, while electric cars may solve our issues associated with energetic consumption and pollution; ultra-lightweight, affordable, and aerodynamic human powered electric hybrid vehicles provide a solution with a miniscule carbon footprint and unrivaled transit potential that can dramatically reduce healthcare costs associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

Source: Bicycle Design

Street Bike Tokyo (iii) – Riding with Style

Now while city dwellers in Tokyo ride all over town whether it’s on their way to work, to the supermarket, or just out for leisure or exercise, they make sure that they ride with style babeh! There’s a certain coolness about these street riders that is unique to them. Maybe it’s the air. Maybe it’s their dressing. Maybe it’s their bikes. But whatever it is, they look good riding down the street!

One of my favourite shots in all of Tokyo! A woman walking her dog while riding her bike!

Now this man – with his shades, tennis bag on his back, and white city bike is just way too cool for these streets.

Probably my MOST stalker shot so far – stylish couple probably dressed for a nice casual dinner! Or maybe fashion boutique shop owners checking in on their staff?  (Location: Shibuya – one of the fashion centres of Japan)

That’s a PANASONIC bike by the way. Who knew electronics brand diversified to bikes too.  I love the look and feel of this bike man! Pity the US factory was shut down in the late 1980s but you can still order a Panasonic Bike from their Osaka factory here! (Thank you Ken for pointing this out).

Interestingly, there is a virtual museum of Panasonic bikes! Do check it out here if you think this bike looks cool!

Street Bike Tokyo (ii) – Everybody’s Riding

Kon’nichiwa! I’m finally back from Japan and the street bike scene in Tokyo is craazzyyy awesome! People are cycling everywhere; in their jeans, in mini-skirts, in their suits on the way to work even. And the best thing is that you can trust to leave your bike anywhere along the street (with it locked or chained to the railing or something of course) and expect it to be still there when you return. And it’s not just because these bikes are of low value or anything. I checked up the price of the more common ‘market bikes’ around there and they come up to about SGD600. People are even leaving their Specialized and Giant road bikes along the roads! Love love love the cycling culture there and how so many people ride around everywhere and anywhere.

Anyway I took over hundreds of photos but I’ll upload it in bits and pieces in different posts! So here are just a few pictures of random people riding on the streets!

The first shot I took in Tokyo when I stepped out of the train station

Riding to work in a suit

Took this shot at the base of Mt Takao (Tokyo’s highest mountain)

Street Bike Tokyo

So in a few hours’ time I’ll be in Tokyo for slightly more than a week and I’ll definitely be on the lookout with my camera ready for some awesome fashionable Japanese bikes out on the streets! And since I’m not in Tokyo yet, here are some awesome stylish pics of bikes taken off the streets of Japan I found trawling through the internet.