Would I Ride You? Yes I Wood. (iv)

For my loyal and dedicated readers, I’m sure you are aware of my fascination for bikes made of wood and today I present to you another bike that I wood ride!

It’s a bike that has been touted as what a bike would look like if Ikea made it. Designed by Dutch designer Jurgen Kuipers, the design of this bike made out of plywood has won an IBDC/IF Award 2013.

indibikes_blog_sawyer_wooden bike1 indibikes_blog_sawyer_wooden bike2 indibikes_blog_sawyer_wooden bike3 indibikes_blog_sawyer_wooden bike4 indibikes_blog_sawyer_wooden bike5 indibikes_blog_sawyer_wooden bike6 indibikes_blog_sawyer_wooden bike7 indibikes_blog_sawyer_wooden bike8

From the pictures you can see that it is constructed in the way that a model toy kit would come in. How novel!

To read about other wooden bikes, please click the following hyperlinks!

Wooden Bike 1

Wooden Bike 2

Wooden Bike 3

Photo Credit: gizmag


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