Bike X Car (v) – Milani X Maserati

Bike and car collaborations must be all the rage and I hope you’re not tired of looking/reading about it!

I mean Lamborghini has done it; Toyota has done it; Mclaren has done it; Porsche has done it; Peugeot has done it; Aston Martin has done it; Hummer has done it; Land Rover has done it; Renault has done it; Corvette has done it; Jeep has done it; Chevrolet has done it; Mercedez-Benz has done it; BMW has done it; Ferrari has done it; and now, Maserati has done it as well. The question should be which car brand has not partnered up with a bike brand?

“Milani Cycles Factory, the Italian producer of hand-built steel, aluminium and carbon fibre frames, earned the best ‘road bike’ title in February 2010. The award was bestowed by T3, the prestigious British technology magazine.”

It’s no wonder Maserati would want to partner with such a celebrated bicycle maker.

These Maserati design bicycles use the automaker’s signature deep blue color and is available in two versions, the racy Veloce and the fast commuter Turismo and come spec’d with high end components worthy of both brands. What a bunch of gorgeous looking bikes that I bet go as fast as they look!

Pricing for the models range from US$3,870 to US$7,741.


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