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Bicycle Film Festival

*A celebration of bicycles through film, art, and music

I found this by trawling through the internet and it’s amazing the new things I find each and every day relating to bicycles. In my honest opinion I would have never thought that a bicycle film festival would ever exist or even do well; but this event has actually been going on strong since 2001! (Great job guys!) Perhaps where I come from, the bike culture just isn’t very strong.

Anyway, if you happen to be in New York, the event starts TODAY! So hurry get your weekend passes through their website! (The image banner at the top is hyper-linked to the website for your convenience)

So according to their About page, “Brendt Barbur, Founding Festival Director, was compelled to start the Bicycle Film Festival when he was hit by a bus while riding his bike in New York City.  He insisted on turning his negative experience into a positive one.”

The base audience is composed mainly of young, trend-setting city-dwellers who love and identify with film, art, music, and sports (pretty evident in the image above).

“The BFF has exceeded expectations. It is able to draw more and more attendees from year to year. Every year we sell out screenings throughout the world. We screen films from established artists to emerging filmmakers who have a shared passion for bicycles.”

They have even had a very successful press record having had more than 50 articles written about them in top magazines and newspapers like Urban, Vanity Fair, Pedal, and Vogue.

This year they will be featuring in 24 different cities around the world including London, Paris, New York, Tokyo, Sydney, Vienna, and Athens.

IN ADDITION, they have also diversified to produce rock shows that celebrate the bike and the festival. Awesome!