Now Ride-Less

Now here’s something which I find really peculiar because it seems like technology is moving backwards for the bicycle. It seems like a cross between a skateboard, a bicycle, and plain simple ol’ running.

This is the FLIZ. I believe this stone-age concept bike got its name from the Flintstones who would use their feet to drive their vehicles. So instead of pedaling, the rider has to run to move the bike forward, and ‘only resting his feet on special posts near the backwheel when enough momentum has been reached.’

Designed by German designers, a rider must strap his or her body into a harness, which hangs from the bicycle frame.

According to the FLIZ designers, they said that the laminated, carbon-fiber frame and ‘five-point belt system’ actually makes the FLIZ more comfortable and ergonomically sound to ride as compared to traditional bicycles.

These aspects reduce pressure on the crotch and distributes the body weight while running”, they explain.

Source: DesignTAXI