Bike X Car (iv) – The Aston Martin One-77

Another car brand has done it again! This time it’s Aston Martin and I must say, this is, in my opinion, one of the nicest, sexiest, awesome looking bicycle collaboration done so far. (Except maybe for Specialized X McLaren or BMC X Lambirghini).

This Aston Martin One-77 is a collaboration between Factor Bikes and Aston Martin. As the name suggests, there are only 77 sets of these limited edition bicycles up for sale and this ‘superbike’ was named after the sports car maker’s most advanced car model, the (waittt for itttt) ‘One-77’.

“Dubbed as ‘the world’s most technologically advanced road bicycle’ by the company, the bicycle features a data logging system that provides over ‘100 channels of performance feedback’ such as crank torque, leg power and crank force for both legs.

It is also able to provide other measurements such as acceleration, wasted leg power and rear wheel speed, and the traditional measurements like speed, heart rate and GPS location.”

“The One-77 Cycle is made with a carbon frame—that can be painted in seven exclusive Aston Martin colors—with ‘hand-stitched’ saddle and handlebars reflecting Aston Martin’s elegant craftsmanship.”

And now for the sad news – it’s retailing for a whopping US$39,000. Time for me to save up!

Source: DesignTAXI


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