Build Your Own Bike (iii)

Now I know this might be getting a little dull and tiring but here’s my third post about building your own bike! (My other two can be read here and here) I just can’t seem to get enough of it and somehow they just keep popping out every now and then.

So this time, what happened was I was looking at some really cool custom made frames by Hampsten Cycles, when I was reading about the company. This is what I read:

“Martin Tweedy has been building lugged steel bicycle frames since 1996 when he took the two-week Framebuilding course at UBI.”

My first thought was: “all I needed was a two-week framebuilding course and I would be able to build my own bike???”

Well I mean based on my previous two posts, I should have figured that out but somehow I always thought that these courses were just introductory, and you needed like years and years of experience and work to actually make your own frames. In any case, I am highly motivated now to actually really go for one of these courses one day if the time, money, and opportunity arises.

So anyway, I went to research more and found out that UBI stands for United Bicycle Institute (what a rad name) and they are the founders of BIKE SCHOOL!

“UBI offers the most diverse curriculum available anywhere, offering a total of 10 different classes to choose from, designed for every experience level and interest. Every class has a healthy balance of lecture, demonstration, and practical hands-on experience. There’s one to fit every need and budget.”

And indeed do they keep to their word! These are the classes they offer:

Mechanic Classes

  • Introduction to Bicycle Maintenance – 5 Days
  • Introduction to Bicycle Maintenance for Women – 5 Days
  • Professional Repair & Shop Operation – 2 Weeks
  • Advanced Certification Seminars – 2 to 5 Days
  • Continuing Education Seminars – 1 to 2 Days

Frame Building Classes

  • Cromoly Brazing Frame Building – 2 Weeks
  • Cromoly TIG Welding Frame Building – 2 Weeks
  • Titanium Frame Building – 2 Weeks
  • Alumni Frame Building Week – 5 Days
  • TIG Welding Seminar – 2 Days

All in all, it seems that all I need is to sacrifice 10 weeks of my life and I will be a lean mean bicycle making machine! Coupled with mechanic skills to boot!

And now for some pictures of bike makers in action.


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