Flats No More! (ii)

A few weeks back I posted an entry about a bicycle with steel wheels and mentioned that you will never experience another flat again! Today I present another set of wheels by Hutchinson! They look unassuming but actually have some well thought out technology put into it.

“They do it by using closed cell foam interior, a bit weightier than other tires, with a ride similar to a standard tire inflated at 60psi.” There was a problem though which is that these tires are specific to certain rims and require special tools for installation and removal. And that’s when a Kickstarter project jumped on that!

“For $280, they’re selling 26″ and 700c singlespeed, fixie, and Shimano Coaster Brake equipped wheelsets with the Hutchinson Serenity tires already installed. The tread is rated to last 3,000 miles, and once it’s worn out, you can send it back to them for new tread installation. All wheelsets are double-wall aluminum rims with machined sidewalls, brass eyelets and nipples, steel spokes, and loose ball hubs. Single speed and fixie wheelsets come in black, Shimano Coaster sets in silver.”

Source: Bike Rumour



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