A Brief Glossary Of Cycling Terms

With the Tour de France in full action, I thought this would be a good post to upload now for all you cycling enthusiasts who love the Tour but may not understand some of the terms used during a race. While to many fervent followers of the Tour this might be common sense, I believe there are still those who might have some doubts to clear.

So I hope this would be as useful to you as it was to me! If you already knew all these terms, please ignore this post and come back another day for (hopefully) more interesting posts! Vive le Tour!

As you might have noticed in the image above, the content is by Nick Brownlee in his book ‘Vive le Tour! Amazing tales of the Tour de France‘. My girlfriend bought this book for me knowing I would love to read it; and I really do! I recommend it for anyone who wants to know more about the origins, the history, the scandals, the records, the trivial (and much more) about the Tour!

For the latest updates, news, and videos on the Tour in the next three weeks, I recommend following the Le Tour De France Facebook page!


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